The Firm

The firm is a member of Alliott International, an international network of CPAs and business consultants, with 215 branches in 50 nations worldwide.

 Alliott International is the one of the 20th largest organization of its kind in the world.

The firm’s professional team consists of graduates in accounting, economics and business administration, possessing 30 years of rich and varied experience in their areas of operation, both in the business sector and in the non-profit sector.

Our firm possesses regular cooperation agreements with various consulting and operational entities, specializing in additional areas, thereby enabling us to staff each and every project – as necessary – with a comprehensive inter-disciplinary team.

Scope of Our Services​

Kuperbeg, Rabin & co.

The firm was founded in 1974 and consists of a staff including CPAs, economists and business consultants.​

Alliott International's Vision​

The concept behind Alliott International of which our office is a part, is to provide a broad range of business services under a “one-stop-shop” umbrella. Clients are served by a multi-disciplinary team, which includes accountants, economists, as well as marketing and finance consultants. This integrated approach offers all the professional services that a small to mid-size business might require, in a cost-effective outsourcing framework. This includes professional brainstorming, generating a constant flow of new ideas for enhancing the client’s business. The result of this integrated approach is the maximizing of benefits the consulting process has to offer.


We can, naturally, custom-tailor the range of professional services that we provide, in order to suit the individual needs of the client. 

Accounting, Internal Auditing and Taxation​

● Auditing and Taxation                             

● Internal auditing

● Bookkeeping and treasury

● Tax return services for employees and self-employed            

● Investigative auditing                            

● Comprehensive services for non-profit organizations                   

● Auditing services and economic studies for government Ministries                                                     

● Comprehensive services and consultancy for municipalities, including as accompanying comptroller               

● Municipal taxation                                   

● Experts opinion and testimony                                                         

Business Consulting​

● Economic consulting

● Marketing Consulting

● International and local business initiatives                                                       

● Businesses and nonprofit organizations recovery programs

● Locating private, public and government funds and grants for businesses                                                     

● Creditor agreements (“Chapter 11”) liquidation and receivership

● Organizational consulting

● Municipal taxation analysis and bank charges examination reduced

● Arbitration and mediation    

Services for foreign companies​

● Comprehensive consultancy for foreigners establishing, having activities in Israel.

● Accounting, audit and taxation

● Human resources management and salaries for foreign workers / expert working in Israel or Israelis workin abroad.                                               

● Establishing a foreign held Israeli company / branch / permanent establishment.                                               

● Acting as "local Representative" for foreign held companies.